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    Share in our business

    Take action today by having an extra source of income, simply by becoming a distributor of Timeless furnishing in your state or region irrespective of your profession.

    The good news is:

    • You do not need any experience. 
    • It does not affect your current job or business.
    • The company seeks only trusted and reliable individuals to partner us. 


    How it works. There are two ways

    MODEL 1

    The first part focuses on us as a business. Our goal is to reach out to over 3.5 million people who search for furniture products on a daily basis. We are expanding our distributorship network to reach out to all our customers in all the 36 states of the federation, including the 776 local governments in Nigeria.


    With our increased advertising campaign, we are reaching more people daily. And we think wherever our goods get to, we should have reliable partners, dealers or distributors there, so they can interface between us and the customers. By mediating for us and the customer to ensure that each transaction was successful, you will share in our profit. We pay as much as 10% per transaction, sometimes higher or lower depending on the goods supplied. This way, our customers will be satisfied, while our distributors make money.


    MODEL 2

    The business of Furniture is one of the best you can leverage on. People everywhere, homes, banks, government houses, churches, mosques, schools, institutions, training academies, event centres, embassies, shopping malls, etc. are all places that there are opportunities to make Furniture supplies. And we think you might have been missing out.


    Over 900,000 churches still use plastic chairs, and more than 15,000 new supplies are made daily. Thousands of offices are springing up daily. And most of them happen around you. So, what have you been doing with these opportunities? We want you to take advantage of the furniture industry, be part of our business in your state or region.


    No need to open store, use your social influence, your network, Your social media and connect with the 3.5million daily shoppers of Furniture in Nigeria, and make your profit, using our company as a platform. You get deals, we handle it and pay you the profit.


    While you grow, we grow

    • Stay on your Job: you do not need to quit your job, use your spare time
    • We handle the supply in your name
    • You get a personalized timeless furnishing distributorship listing
    • You get a complete distributors catalog
    • You get branding materials
    • No need to have a shop or warehouse
    • We take care of logistics to your region
    • We handle the marketing, sales and after-sales service
    • You only need to know the customer
    • Plus you make the profit


    One-time commitment, lifetime benefits


    Registration Closes Soon


    • A lifetime business partnership with Timeless Furnishing.
    • Access goods ON-DEMAND worth millions of Naira,
    • Have a unique distributorship license certificate.
    • You will get a comprehensive catalogue designed for our distributors.
    • Have access to all our socials and website contents without copyright infringement.
    • We give you all the support structure to close deals with your customer anywhere in Nigeria.
    • You have access to a personalized distributors I.D Card on request.
    • Without owning a shop, or warehouse, you stand a chance of hitting big furniture deals within or outside your environment, and while you sit and watch, we handle every of your supplies and pay your profit.




    How we intend to support you

    Your success is our success too

    This is a long term businesses relationship, and we would do all we can to ensure all our distributor has and will get maximum return on investment. We will support you every step along the way.

    We are committed to offering both products and services that will make you excel in the business.

    Our prices are tailored in the line of being highly competitive, making our customers to save more and our distributors to sell more.

    We would keep updating our STORE with the latest and best products in the market.



    Together, and better

    We already have over 63 registered distributors who believes in us and we are glad to have them. If you have been following updates, you will discover that the first inauguration of our distributors was on July 1, 2020. It was months after many of them registered. Many of them have already closed multiple deals, while some are yet to close deals, but we are 100% certain that each of our distributors will meet a life changing business deal as we make progress.

    For a list of our distributors, please CLICK HERE

    You too will become a distributor and start making money if you take action. There are possibilities of closing good deals within or outside your environment. When we close this round of registration, the amount that would be required to register as our distributor will certainly increase.

    As a distributor, you are to choose only one state, but you can also have supplies to any state in Nigeria. We handle the supplies and pay you the profit.


    Some Questions you may ask

    Got question?



    With commitment comes responsibility and it is also worth the price. It is business and remember, it’s a choice nobody makes for you, We are here providing you with a platform for a business that will help you succeed.

    Why so cheap?


    The future counts. We know that there is a starting point to everything. That is why we did not limit it to only those with millions; everyone deserves a chance.


    Who can do this?

    If your answer is yes to any of these facts/questions, then you can.

    • Are there churches, mosques, or hotels and event centers around you?
    • Do you know at least 20 people that may order our set of banquet chairs, classroom chairs, office furniture, event furniture etc. We think you might know some. 
    • What about schools, event centres, government commissions, counselors, or officials in charge of places where decisions are made they would be excited about the unique products you offer.

    I have no experience, no shop or warehouse

    Yes you are the one we are looking for. We believe you will be amazed at what can come out from you. 70% of our biggest deals were from people like you.

    I have experience, a shop and into furniture or other businesses.

    You are welcomed too. However, within our space, there is no competition, collaboration is better. We hope to get better together with shared experiences and energy.


    How much is the one-time distributors fee?

    ONLY #60,000.


    Finally, I will think about it.

    It is allowed. Take your time. Think, reflect, pray and then take action. But do not miss this. It is first come, first served.


    How do I Register?

    If you have gone through all these, we assume that you have understood our business model. Maybe not perfectly, but every other help you need, questions and knowledge on how to do business with us will be communicated on our business platform in which you will be added after you make payment. You will also be given distributors code, and the official REG Form, product catalogue and daily updates, pictures of products and their prices for sharing purposes.

    Scroll down to register, you will be automatically redirected to our Whatsapp, where you get payment details and business begins.



    more for less



    Through Direct selling of Over 40 different furniture products, (including home, office, events and conference chairs, tables and our line of home appliances) to your own contacts



    Each time our company makes sale within your state or region, you make money. We can pay you based on the payment arrangement convenient for you. Either at the close of sale, or weekly or Monthly.



    Have access to supply goods worth over 900,000 Naira on-demand-supply without the need to open a shop or own a warehouse.

    plus other opportunities. If you have a government supplies, relating to furniture, we can handle it.


    Think of places or people that might need these products

    Banquet chairs

    Churches & Events

    Training chairs

    Academy and business

    Auditorium chairs

    Senates & Institutions

    Banquet tables

    Event centers

    office furniture

    tables and chairs

    Boardroom table

    Executive offices

    Classroom furniture


    folding plastic chairs



    Need Help? Call or Whatsapp 07034794684

  • What exactly do we intend to achieve?

    • We can handle project of any level. From high-end cross-country furnishing deals to simple furnishing of an apartment or office space, we offer value in every piece.
    • We stock the right type of functional official chairs and office tables to meet your daily business needs. Our range of Executive Tables and Chairs are designed to align with your work goals.
    • We offer free bespoke consultation on office space management and advice on tailored office furnishings that meet your industry’s best practice
    • We pride ourselves on supplying perfectly crafted urban furniture that suits your lifestyle through our devotion to fine design. Our home furniture series has all you need to set the right tone of elegance and beauty in your home without breaking the bank. If you need guide on how to bring out the best in your home, in choosing the right furniture, managing space or simply trying to remodel your home, we are just one call away.
    • We supply high quality student chairs and desks suitable for their everyday learning. We can also help your school to design and deploy technology enabled classrooms, where student learning is fully integrated with furniture sets that support information technology.
    • We look forward to having the largest distributorship network of furniture suppliers in Africa. We are particularly ready to work and grow with our partners, until they grow to become their own businesses in the furniture industry.
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