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Timeless  Furnishing DISTRIBUTORS

Our Distributors

Sometimes ago, we opened our portal to allow interested individuals sign-up as our distributors in their various states and regions. We were excited at the tractions we received from the vast majority of people who understood our business model and the opportunities we offer.

Today, we are publicly announcing those that took action and have finally made it as our distributors.

timeless furnishing

What does this means to our customers?

It means that it is no longer where WE are but where YOU (Our Customers) are. We are building a furniture brand that puts our customers first, and that includes how exactly what you ordered gets to you. Our distributors can help customers have access to products directly at company price. Upon your request, your orders are speedily processed. You also have zero worries about payment for goods you have not seen because with our distributors, our pay on delivery gets even better.

timeless furnishing
Timeless furnishing
Timeless furnishing

What exactly do we intend to achieve?

Timeless Furnishing will serve the needs of millions in the furniture space. Helping homes, businesses and institutions access quality and affordable furniture, designed and built with elegance and class. Our service is inclusive of tailored class and professionalism yet affordable.

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  • We can handle project of any level. From high-end cross-country furnishing deals to simple furnishing of an apartment or office space, we offer value in every piece.
  • We stock the right type of functional official chairs and office table to meet your daily business needs. Our range of Executive Tables and Chairs are designed to align with your work goals.
  • We offer free bespoke consultation on office space management and advice on tailored office furnishings that meet your industry’s best practice
  • We pride ourselves on supplying perfectly crafted urban furniture that suits your lifestyle through our devotion to fine design. Our home furniture series has all you need to set the right tone of elegance and beauty in your home without breaking the bank. If you need guide on how to bring out the best in your home, in choosing the right furniture, managing space or simply trying to remodel your home, we are just one call away.
  • We supply high quality student chairs and desks suitable for their everyday learning. We can also help your school to design and deploy technology enabled classrooms, where student learning is fully integrated with furniture sets that support information technology.

Connect with our distributors

Timeless furnishing
  • We look forward to having the largest distributorship network of furniture suppliers in Africa. We are particularly ready to work and grow with our partners, until they grow to become their own businesses in the furniture industry. 
  • While our distributors leverage on our platform to make out businesses for themselves, we also build this synergy across the multiple branches of the existing network to reach our customers, with our distributors becoming both channels and resources to interface transactions. This way, our customers will enjoy personalize services in line with their unique and individual experiences

If you want to do business with us but could not connect with our distributors, or we currently have no one in your region, do not worry, contact us on Whatsapp and we shall be prompt at attending to your request.